SVB Support

We're here to help.

At Bags, our mission is to help businesses thrive with good debt financing for business growth. The impact of the SVB collapse has many founders scrambling for fast funding options to stay operational, and we want to make sure companies get the best deal possible without predatory terms.

Team Bags is active and offering free debt consultation services to help you figure our the right next steps for funding. We have a group of vetted partners providing capital and are on-call to walk you through loan options, key considerations, and best practices for refinancing in the future.

Scroll for more info on our custom solution for businesses that need urgent financing and support, and book a call or reach out if you need help.

Get smart on your debt options.

Our team of business lending specialists is on call to make sure founders understand key factors and considerations like loan type, loan terms, and loan amounts.

We can give a fast crash-course in why we see debt as a powerful tool for business growth (when it’s used correctly).

Find the right debt for your business.

We work with lenders that have capital committed for SVB-affected businesses, and we're here to guide you to the right deal for your next phase.

We'll analyze your business and connect you to the right group to get funded, fast and safe.

Get support to plan the next phase.

Our debt management solution is built to ensure businesses can visualize their liabilities and refinance their debt to reduce long-term costs of a loan.

Our team can digest live data and provide strategic insights that get you to the best outcome.

How WE Work

Our product gets to know your business, surfaces the best loan options from vetted lenders,
and offers tools for debt management and refinancing. We want to put it to work for you.

We can help in three ways:

Debt Strategy Call

We get to know your business and help you understand the debt environment.

Our business lending specialists are here so you don't have to sift through the noise.

Connect to Loans

We have a bench of vetted partners that are ready to get funding out to businesses.

We'll make sure you land with the right lender for your business, so you can keep operating.

Manage and Refinance

Our product is designed to help you visualize liabilities and prepare for the future.

We can help you plan for debt management and refinancing so your business debt works for you.