3 Things I Look for When Hiring

Team Culture is what fuels coming online everyday and building things together, support it.
Ignacio Semerene
March 16, 2023

At Monzo, I sat through more interviews than I can count. We were always growing - really fast - and always hiring. Right now we’re hiring at Bags, and it’s pushed me to reflect on what’s really 

  1. Culture-Add > Culture-Fit
    We’re proud of the culture we’re building every week at Bags. It’s important to us to preserve the best parts, but we have a hunch that to do that we shouldn’t be looking to hire folks that “fit in.” We want people that join the team to add to it. To bring new things to the table, teach us what we don’t know, push us to think different. We see strength in diversity, and start at the poin

  2. People who learn by doing
    The kind of folks who use curiosity to spark momentum. We look for folks who know done is better than perfect, and that it’s ok to fail and break things. People that aren’t afraid to own things and hold themselves accountable because they’re curious to figure it out.

    We know curiosity fuels the best teams, where everyone is driven to learn constantly and grow in new directions. We need that curiosity, that momentum, to win. We’re just starting off as a team and a company with a serious mission and big ambitions -and a lot of challenges to tackle along the way.
  3. Kindness = Intelligence
    We care about how we talk and write to each other. This quality of communication sets the foundation for a high trust environment that allows us to perform at our best.

    We’re building a team full of people that are as kind as they are smart.

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