5 Documents to Set Your Team (and Business) Up for Success

The whole world is run by documents, try the set we use stay aligned at BAGS.
Ignacio Semerene
January 23, 2023

Any time we do team and product planning at @secure_bags, we make sure to revisit 5 fundamental documents to make sure we’re aligned and set up for success: 

  1. Mission 🌔
    This is what you hope to change about the world. It’s not a goal or metric. Dream and think big. This is your guiding light - everything else might change, but your Mission will always stay the same. Bonus points if you can keep it memorable, crisp and concise.

    At Bags, we’re increasing access to entrepreneurship.

  2. Values 🫶
    Figure out what’s important to you, as a team. Why are you here? They can be anything from the technical challenge of building new technology to strict social impact. What’s crucial is that it’s clear what values you share as a team.

    A highlight from Bags? We see strength in diversity.

  3. Decision-Making Principles 🗺️
    You’re inevitably going to run into challenges and disagreements. Give your team the tools to communicate effectively by agreeing on operating principles you can fall back on. 

           One of my favorites from our Product team: We think (and build) user-first.

  1. Customer Clarity 🤝
    Everyone should have a clear sense of (and ideally direct contact with) who they’re building for. What are their problems? What are their aspirations? What would feel magical and delightful?

    Bags Amplifiers are here to serve community-first, diverse and women-owned small businesses that are ready to grow.

  2. Product North Star
    This isn’t a list of features, a roadmap. It’s what we want to achieve, and - in broad strokes - how we get there.

    It’s a shared understanding of how you’re going to solve the problems your customers have, following your principles, in a way that will allow your business to thrive (so you can continue solving more problems for your customers).

    Distilling ours to one line was a challenge: We’re building technology to fuel and improve how small businesses get financed and manage their funding. 

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