Future-Proofing Fintech

Building secure and sustainable Fintech requires intention and the embrace of the community it serves.
Ignacio Semerene
March 16, 2023

“You don’t win in fintech because of your technology.”

Not the words I expected to hear from a potential investor a year ago, and a wake up call to focus on the right things @secure_bags. We reflected and realized that in tech - especially in fintech - it’s always going to be about the people, the community, more than the technology. 

We can build fast and change in isolation, but there’s always going to be systemic challenges from archaic institutional standards in finance. Some partners, clients, and customers won’t be at our pace in the journey to adopt new technologies to make and manage their money. 

There’s a lag, and that’s ok.

So we’re focussing on a few principles to make sure Bags is around for a while to build tools and for small businesses to thrive. 

Prioritize our community.
It doesn’t matter what we build as long as it solves the problems we’ve set out to solve for our customers. They’re at the heart of it all.

Create trust through transparency.
Finance is hard to navigate. Business finance even more so. We want to make it easy to navigate and accessible by meeting people where they’re at, and sharing how we do it along the way. 

Build a brand.
This might sound obvious, or more superficial - but it ties into the trust. We know what we’re building is ambitious. To be successful we have to be iterative, and to freely iterate and stay connected to our community while we compound their trust, we’re prioritizing a strong brand to anchor back to. 

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