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A loan discovery and Management platform, built by and for the culture.

Join hundreds of diverse and women-owned businesses that use Bags to find affordable funding.

Millions in loans secured since 2021.

👋🏽 Hi, WE're BAGS
We know building a business is hard. Finding funding shouldn’t be.
We built Bags to help you discover affordable financing from lenders who want to put cash in the community, so you can secure the bag without giving a piece of your business away to someone else.

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Diverse and/or women entrepreneurs with a US-based business.
Businesses incorporated for at least one year and making $10,000+ per month.
Target loan amounts of $5,000 to $5 million to grow a business that’s working.

So you can make key hires, fulfill purchase orders, buy new equipment and put down payment on a new location.

How It Works

We built a product to understand who you are as a business and surface the best possible loans to help you grow and scale with lenders that care about you.  Secure funding in three steps.

Tell us about your business.

We learn first, so we know you’ll get the best business funding.

Review offers from lenders.

We show you the best options for the funding you’re looking for.

Apply to secure your bag.

You work with a Bags funding partner to find the funding you need to grow.



MEET Our Community

Received capital to push our business to the next phase.

“Bags has been a great resource for determining short and long-term goals for our business. We’ve also received capital to push our business to the next phase, and the capital to make that possible.”


CEO + Co-Founder

Black Apothecary Office

Successfully funded in 15 business days.

“I am so happy to have been connected with Bags ... they did something that no one else did.”

Hayley Segar

Founder & Owner

onewith swim