driving a more sustainable and equitable future

Our mission is to empower more people to be entrepreneurs.
We believe in a future where every person can do what they want and make a living doing it.

meet the team

We’re a fast-paced, high-performing crew of entrepreneurial activists and advocates.
That means we work hard, really hard, to help underrepresented business owners secure the bag.

Daniel Taylor
New York
Ignacio Semerene
Head of Product
Ciudad del Mexico
William Hayden
Head of Growth + Partnerships
New York
Brandon Krull
Head of Data + Tech
Los Angeles
Rodrigo D'Andrea
Partnerships Manager
New York
Carlos Alexandre
Software Engineer
São Paulo
Felipe Lins
Product Designer
Evan Parulan
Business Lending Specialist
Los Angeles
Omama Qureshi
Social Media and Community Manager
‍New York